Private Universities need students: Cut the UPR



As a consequence of migration out of Puerto Rico, combined with reduced birthrates, the pool of applicants to apply for university education continues to decline rapidly. This is especially noticed in the private universities. At least three Puerto Rico Governors have direct interests to prioritize private universities over the public University of Puerto Rico. The political investments of the Ana G. Mendez system now seem to be paying off. Drastic cuts in public funding (see previous post: cuts of $450,000,000 out of $834,000,000 in government subsidies) are designed to eliminate competitive programs, and possibly up to eight of the eleven campuses of the UPR system. The pay-for-play scheme significantly reduces opportunities for students to attend the public system, and they will have no other choice but to attend the private universities. Since most students receive support via Pell-grants, the private institutions claim these Federal Aid funds directly as tuition in order to fill their bank account.


The UPR system needs to be cut drastically, in order to have a sufficient amount of students available to maintain the private institutions.


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